• Voice: Business Telephone Systems

    Voice: Business Telephone Systems

Hosted VoIP - Business Telephone Systems

Perfect for businesses of all sizes, our phone systems provide highly flexible and scalable benefits.

The team at Hive have over 12 years’ experience in installing hosted VoIP telephony, so you can rely on our expertise to provide the right solution, training and support, whatever your requirements.

VoIP Features & Benefits of VoIP Telephone Systems:

One Supplier, one invoice

We provide everything you need, from network cabling to broadband, installation, training and support – you only need our number and we’ll do it all

Hosted VoIP Telecoms

Cloud-based VoIP means no on-site infrastructure. Enjoy customisable features & benefits of the largest companies

Perfect For Flexible Working

Whether your people work from the office, at home or remotely, always present your business number


Hosted VoIP telecoms grows as and when you need it to. You’ll only ever need the one system

Choose Your Number

Or numbers, as many as you want! Any UK code. Perfect for SMART marketing.

Port Your Existing Numbers

You don't want to lose your existing number. Contact us to check your existing numbers.

Customisable Features on our VoIP Telephone Systems:

The list below is just some of the most common, popular features that you can enjoy with our cloud-based telephone systems. Dont delay - call us now and start using these features.

  • Auto Attendant

    Many companies have employees who work in different departments (e.g. Sales, Account, Support). You can save staff time by getting to your callers directly to the correct team with Auto Attendant options so that only the relevant phones will ring.

    This makes your staff much more productive than every call being answered by a dedicated employee or having to transfer all of your incoming calls.
  • Busy Lamp Fields

    You will often have employees on different floors or in different locations. Busy lamp fields allow you to see if someone is already on the phone before you attempt to transfer a caller to them.

    This makes your staff much more productive.
  • Call Barring

    You can control Call Barring at either Site level, or at User level. There are five call barring options. These could include:
    • Allow free phone calls
    • Allow national calls
    • Allow international calls
    • All chargeable directory services calls
    • Allow premium calls
    • Allow mobile calls
  • Call Waiting

    Call waiting is so valuable with VoIP. You may be on a call to a colleague and a call comes through from a top client. Call waiting allows you to see this and switch with ease between the 2 calls.
  • Call Recording

    Call recording is essential for many businesses and is mandated for some such as those regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    We can offer call recroding to meet the needs of each business.

    The Call Recording feature allows you to record your Inbound, Outbound or both Inbound and Outbound calls. This can be done at a user level or on a whole hunt group, and you can set call recording up to record a percentage of calls, record on demand or to not record calls at all.

    You can record on demand to record a call when you deem it necessary.

    You can pause & resume call recording as necessary which is important such as when clients may be giving out sensitive credit card details.
  • Call Waiting

  • CLI Presentation

    The Number Presentation functionality allows you to present a different CLI for outbound calls. This can be important when you might have different regional numbers for the areas your company covers and you want to present a local number to specific clients.

    Multi-site businesses can set different CLI numbers for each site also.
  • Hunt Groups

    Hunt Groups allow incoming calls to rng a number of extensions simultaneously who are grouped together.
  • Remote Office

    Remote office allows a user to use any phone as their 'Office phone' - meaning they won't need to pay locally for calls and their office number will be presented on outgoing calls. This can be particularly useful in the likes of hotels, where calls can often be costly. Also for employees who are working from home or on their mobile phone.
  • Voicemail to Email

    Clients and customers who call you expect a response very quickly. Never miss an important voicemail again.

    Any voicemail will be emailed to you so no matter where you are, you can pick up the message and call back immediately.
  • Other Features

    Other features which can all be customised as required include the following:
    • 1 or 2 Digit Dialling
    • Speed Dials
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Automatic Call Back
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Parking
    • Call Pickup
    • Call Queue Groups
    • Call Transfer
    • Click to Dial
    • Comfort Messages
    • Departments
    • Device Customisation
    • Directory limits
    • Distinctive Ringing for External Calls
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Hot Desking
    • Instant Conference Group
    • Music on Hold
    • Sequential Ringing
    • Schedules
    • Twinning
    • Voice Portal
    • DND
    • Fraud Management
    • Call diverts
    • Conference groups
    • Soft client
    • Corporate directory
    • Personal greetings
    • Company directory
    • Conferencing
    • Call barging

Frequently Asked Questions

We're moving offices - can I still have a hosted VoIP solution?

The type and speed of broadband availability varies enormously depending on location of an office.

Where speeds are slow, we will often install a line & broadband circuit dedicated solely to the VoIP telephony. This ensures that no data demands can affect call quality on the phones which would go down their own broadband.

If we have hosted VoIP, will our system fail if the broadband goes down?

The short answer is "No". If the broadband fails then clearly you will not be able to pick up your VoIP handset and make a call as it is connected to the broadband.

However, incoming calls are controlled by the cloud-based servers. Incoming calls can be routed to alternative sites, or to mobiles for example. And if this is not possible then the call will follow the setup which typically would go to voicemail and this would be emailed to you.

Another major advantage of a cloud system is it gives you true business continuity. If your office has a disaster such as fire, flood, theft etc. then you have immediate business continuity which in many sectors is a key requirement.

How can I ensure my voice quality will be good?

VoIP often gets a bad reputation because calls are crackly, broken up, sound like one person is underwater or sounds like a dalek. These are common descriptions where QoS (Quality of Service) has not been implemented.

With our VoIP solutions, we will discuss your existing infrastructure or your desired requirements should you be moving office or setting up a new office.

If we put in a single connectivity solution such a Leased Line that serves both voice and data, we will ensure that the infrastructure we supply will prioritise voice over data.

We’re moving offices – what kind of timescale should I be looking at for installation?

If you are planning on moving offices, then it is important to think about your telecoms at the earliest time possible. We ask for around 6 weeks for us to make sure we can order in broadband and complete a site survey with plenty of time for your big move.

Is it expensive to install?

As the capital outlay is minimal, you should be pleasantly surprised. We have lots of flexible options too – give us a call and we’ll find the best solution.

We’re not a technical bunch – will the system be too complicated?

No. The system is very simple to use and we’ll set it up as you need with full training. With ongoing support from us too, you’ll never need to be in the dark!
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