Program Snom Function Keys

First, you need the IP address of the phone:

Snom 300: Using the Silver button, press DOWN, then UP. “IPAdr” should show on the screen. Then press TICK.

Snom 320: Press “Help” button, then the soft key under “IPAdr”

Snom 360: Press “Help” button.

Log into your telephone on your computer. Using the IP address above, open a web browser and in the address bar, type in: (where is the IP address). This will open your phone on your web browser.

Now click Function keys on the left hand menu.

For the desired key, choose “Extension”, put in the number (external numbers must have no space; internal extensions must be the full 7 digits) then press Save:

Now if you press the function key, it will work as desired.

We have created a template in Word where you can type the identity of each of your function keys then print & trim it to fit your phone.

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