Broadband Technology

Broadband technologies explained. Compare the various technologies to find what your business needs:


This refers to the type of technology installed in the local exchange. The old version is 20CN and 21CN is the new technology currently being rolled out on a program to all UK exchanges.


Any exchange using 20CN technology can provide ADSLv1 which gives speeds up to 8Mbps download and 884kbps upload (448kbps on family packages). If your local exchange has been upgraded to 21CN, you can also benefit from ADSL2+ which will give you up to 24 Mbps download speed and 1Mbps upload. These speeds are also based on the distance from the exchange.


Metallic Path Facility gives you one provider for both telephone and internet. This means we can reduce your costs by taking you off the wider BT network. You will not pay for a BT landline as well as your internet access, greatly reducing costs in locations where it is available.

FTTC - Fibre To The Cabinet

The process by which fibre optic cables are laid from the exchange to the street cabinet. Traditional copper connections then run from the street cabinet to the premises. Data speeds depend on proximity to the cabinet.

FTTP - Fibre To The Premises

Is a technology for providing internet access by running fibre optic cable directly from an exchange to a user's home or business. It facilitates much faster speeds than FTTC and most coaxial cable Internet connections.

Leased Lines

A leased line gives the highest priority broadband for companies whose traffic requirements are very large. A leased line has the same upload and download speed. Leased Lines provided by us will generally be on a 100MB bearer and we can supply broadband in multiples of 10MB, that being the minimum will give a minimum of 10MB download and 10MB upload speeds.
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