Full Fibre - The Latest Internet Upgrade?

Technology is always progressing and developing. Everything is becoming faster and more efficient, which is always good in a world where more and more is expected of us. The internet is the next thing to be upgraded, with full fibre becoming more and more prominent. But a lot of people have begun to ask. What exactly is full fibre, and why don’t we have it?

Why don’t we have full fibre right now?

At present, most people are not operating with full fibre capability. Instead, a lot of individuals are using fibre to the cabinet. This is a different process because it links the home or work environment to the cabinets which you see on street corners. They are the apparatuses which provide you with all of the broadband that you use, giving you the capability to use the internet. There are however two problems with this. First of all, the final stretch of wiring is done with copper, which has a lessened capacity than fibre cabling. Second of all, you’re sharing the line with other users, so the amount of internet capacity that each person gets is diminished.

So, is this something that full fibre can change?

Full fibre is different in the sense that it is not a conventional form of change so much as an improvement on the current situation. Full fibre will help to improve the speed of the connection in a much greater capacity than it was previously. While it is true that you’re still sharing the main line regardless of what it is comprised of, you still do not have access to the full capabilities of the line. However, the key point of full fibre is that it drastically improves the speed of the connection, so you will find that the internet is much faster. At the moment, the full fibre system is only being tested and is not guaranteed to be rolled out to everyone.

How do I get a full connection in the meantime?

Of course, some of you may well be wondering how it is that you get access to a fully capable line without the aid of full fibre. In this case, the only way you could do so is with a leased line. A leased line is one which is used only by you, as you’re paying a bit of extra money to have a private connection. This connection is much faster than the main line and would ensure that your internet connection is never interrupted or slowed.

Overall, the full fibre is one which shows promise, but is still in the testing stage at this point and is thus somewhat unreliable as a means of improving your internet connection. The leased line is already an established and sensible option for business, and we at Hive Communications can help you get a leased line set up if you are interested in having the benefits in your workplace or office.

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