How To Be Safe While Working On The Go

Going out and about into the world with your laptop or mobile is always a risky business. Some people would take your technology without a thought and cost you all the information stored on it, which would be a catastrophe if you had sensitive company information stored on it. Therefore, we’re going over a few of the ways that you can be safe while you are on the move with your technology.

Don’t use public wifi

The modern world is full of wifi hotspots, and there are so many different places you can hop onto the wifi for absolutely free. While it can be very tempting to do this, it is suggested that you don’t. If you connect to wifi which isn’t secure, the chances of someone hacking your device and taking information is much greater. Where possible, always look for a safe location to use your laptop or mobile, even if you’re doing something as basic as just checking your emails.

Backup all of your files before you go

It is hard to imagine the blind panic and sheer helplessness which comes from having your device with all of its information taken, but it is sadly something which a lot of people do experience on a daily basis. And this event is made much worse if you had vital information stored just on that device. Backing up all of your files and making another copy elsewhere means that if your device is stolen or damaged in some way, you can keep working and keep going by just uploading the backup files.

Always use passwords

This may seem like an obvious one, but the number of people who just don’t put passwords on their devices is higher than you would think. A password adds another level of security to your device and means that if your device is taken, it will slow down people who are attempting to get into your device.

If something happens, act fast

If you are hacked, or your possessions are taken, you need to move quickly. If you have bank details on the computer, then you should contact your bank and cancel the cards. If you have a breach in the security of your company, you should communicate with the rest of the team to make sure that the breach is contained.

Overall, these are just a few of the things that you can do to try and keep your laptop or mobile device safe when you’re on the go. Your system can contain so much information, all of which is vital for business or a company. Getting it stolen when you’re out and about can, therefore, be extremely terrifying. Making sure that you don’t access any public wifi will help to protect you from the risk of hacking, and also putting a password onto your devices contributes to protecting them if they are taken. These may seem like basic steps to take, but you’d be surprised at how easily people can get access to your files, so protecting yourself is very important.

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