Working From Home - How To Overcome The Issues?

Working families make up most of the population of the UK. So when the summer holiday comes around, there’s a surge in child care usage for parents who work full time and can not be at home to look after the children. To counteract this, many parents take to working from home, still doing their jobs but in the environment of home where they can watch their children. But what issues could arise from this, and how can they be counteracted?

What issues could arise from working from home?

Working from home sounds like a great idea when you think about it. You can do all of your normal work that you would do in the office, except you can be at home to look after the children and make sure they don’t get into any trouble. You’re still earning money, but you’re also saving money on childcare. However, problems can soon emerge. Most people will find that they now lack the tools to complete daily tasks, tools that they would have access to in the office. It becomes more and more difficult for workers to take work related calls and then to reroute them to other members of staff. This means that most people will then just switch to their mobiles to make phone calls, and so the entire office can not flow smoothly because a handful of workers aren’t in work to pass calls along.

As well as this, employees can also forward the charges they’ve incurred by making these calls onto the business, which is both expensive and impractical, as any calls which are made can not be monitored and checked by the business, so they could pass on bills which are unrealistic.

So what’s the solution?

VOIP systems allow you to solve the issues which would usually be faced by this kind of work arrangement. The principle being that with a VOIP system, you can connect to the phone system of your office from the computer or a mobile at home, and so you can forward calls to people, and be able to stay up to date on what’s happening in the office. It turns every kind of communication, such as phone calls, into something which can be accessed by any device, which means that your employees can still make work related calls at home without causing a disruption to the business.

Overall, the use of a VOIP system helps to solve the one flaw which was usually associated with employees working from home. You no longer need to worry about your workers missing calls, or not being able to route calls to the correct person and thus making customers unhappy. The workers who are based at home can now perform all of their daily tasks, without the worry for being unable to communicate with customers and their co-workers. This means that there is a greater level of versatility in working, and more workers can work from home without the need to lose their connectivity or miss out on anything important.

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