The Top 10 Reasons For Switching To VOIP

There are many benefits to switching to VOIP when running a business, which can provide you with the telecommunications system you need. But why should you switch to a VOIP system?

Smart calling

The smart call feature allows you to program a set of numbers that will all be tried before the phone goes to voicemail. For example, the primary phone, then the upstairs phone, then your mobile, so you can be easily contactable.

Hold Music

With the VOIP system, you can select the right type of hold music for your customers to listen to while they’re waiting for you. This allows for an increased professionalism when dealing with your clients.

An analogue door phone

The VOIP system allows you install a two-day communication system on the door to the premises, and then for added security, you can choose to keep the door locked or allow the person into the building at your discretion

Call Screening

Another handy feature of the VOIP system is that it allows for call screening. You can decide what happens to a call before you’ve even picked it up, such as redirecting the calls from family to a cell phone, or blocking sales call outright.

Do Not Disturb Function

This is an element of the VOIP system that can prove vital when attending important business meetings or have staff meets. Doing exactly what the name suggests, it mutes all incoming calls, leaving you time to have your meetings in peace.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

A feature that isn’t especially common elsewhere, the VOIP system can provide you with a written copy, or transcription, of the voicemails that customers and clients leave while you’re out.

Reports of Inbound and Outbound calls

A helpful feature for those who want to track the kinds of calls they make, this feature provides information about the origin of the caller, and the destinations of the places you call, providing additional data for companies.

Coaching Tools

The VOIP software allows you to either listen to a conversation your employees are having on the phone discreetly or to guide them through the negotiations remotely, while maintaining professionalism, allowing for increased opportunities to coach them.


One of the great features about VOIP is the ability to set up and manage video conferences with ease, to allow you to control invitations to join in, make sure that the entire event is coordinated well, and ensure the conference runs smoothly.

The Auto Attendant Function

One of the more subtle but extremely helpful features of the VOIP system, the auto attendant allows you to add a new level of professionalism by allowing calling customers to interact with a menu and select the options they want, without having to remember an extension.

These are just a few of the benefits that the VOIP system offers a business. There’s numerous ways that implementing the system can make you seem more professional, as well as offer improved ease of use for a full array telecommunications devices within the workplace.

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